What are the benefits of a fractionated approach with micro-needling?

A fast and safe method for inducing the production of collagenRequires no thermal energy and is entirely non-ablativePromotes care free healingSafe for all skin typesNo major downtime

What should I expect after SkinPen® procedures?
can expect to experience effects similar to mild sunburn after the
procedure, such as redness, tenderness, and some swelling. Despite that,
there is no significant downtime after a SkinPen® procedure. Patients
can return to normal activities and conceal most of the mild side
effects with make-up after just one day.

Micro-Needling Results with SkinPen®
everyone’s genetic makeup and needs are different, procedure
requirements and SkinPen® results will vary. The number of sessions
required and the depth of treatment will depend on what goals and
results you would like to achieve.
While multiple sessions are
recommended to achieve optimal micro-needling results, noticeable
changes are typically seen just one week following treatment and
gradually improve as the body’s healing process promotes the production
of healthy new cells and extracellular substances.
Patients with
uneven skin tone and fine lines may see SkinPen® results after just one
procedure, while those looking to soften the appearance of acne scarring
may require several procedures.